David Felice - Psychotherapist - Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

Comprehensive Legal and Correctional Support Services

My expertise is backed by a history of collaboration with some of Australia’s top legal professionals. This experience has equipped me to work closely with solicitors and barristers, providing essential support and treatment to clients facing legal charges. As a registered provider of support within corrective services, I offer specialised assistance to individuals who are incarcerated, encompassing a range of vital services:

In-Custody Psychotherapy

This service focuses on helping clients understand the underlying dynamics that contributed to their legal charges. The goal is to foster self-awareness and prevent these dynamics from recurring.

Treatment Summary for Legal Teams

I prepare detailed summaries of the client’s progress and the therapeutic work undertaken during custody or after being charged. These summaries, presented to the court, highlight the client’s commitment to change and their sense of remorse.

Ongoing Treatment Planning

The treatment summary also includes a comprehensive ongoing therapy plan. This plan details the therapeutic modalities to be employed in the client’s recovery and the specific obligations they have agreed to fulfill as part of their ongoing rehabilitation.

Collaboration with Forensic Psychologists

With the client’s consent, I assist forensic psychologists by providing relevant information. This collaboration is aimed at developing a conclusive psychological report for submission to the court.

Through these services, I strive to offer a holistic approach to support and rehabilitation, aiding clients in navigating their legal challenges with the aim of achieving positive outcomes.

David Felice - Psychotherapist - Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

Keeping positive

I have extensive experience working with the courts, helping clients deal with the inherent stress of a court appearance as well as process a decision that may throw the family unit into turmoil.

I can also provide counselling and psychotherapy to incarcerated people via streaming and use this time to build a relationship with the person before release date, helping them ease back into society.

David Felice - Psychotherapist - Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

Helping families cope

I have extensive experience working with the Courts and Corrective Services. With court matters that result in detention or incarceration of a parent or care giver, it is important to help the children cope with potential separation.

Children tend to notice their parent’s emotional states, either directly or indirectly. It is important to remember they are also experiencing their own loss and grief and trying to make sense of their world as it changes.

Being supported in such a stressful time through counselling is not only beneficial to those facing charges, but it can also have a positive effect on the family dynamic.